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The East Side History Club will meet to discuss the Jenifer-Division streets commercial district.

Do you remember these businesses?

Ann Waidelich and Don Ross will lead a conversation about these and other businesses and homes in the area.

The East Side History Club meets Saturday, February 17, 1-3 p.m., Goodman Community Center, 149 Waubesa Street. The Club continues to look for co-leaders and new group partners to carry the club forward. Please join us at the February meeting and share your ideas or suggestions.

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on December 20, 2017

The East Side’s most coveted local history book, full of memories of the Schenk’s-Atwood, Union Corners, and Eken Park neighborhoods, is the perfect holiday gift Purchases ofsupport the , so your gift gives even more joy.

may be purchased in-person at the Goodman Community Center front desk for $20. ($15 if you contributed to the book, the front desk has a list.) Copies are also available to purchase at Stone Fence (2322 Atwood Avenue) and the Olbrich Gardens Gift Shop for $24.95.

Mail order copies are available for $20 + $5 to ship the first copy, $6 to ship 2 5 books (ordered at the same time.) Send check (made out to the Goodman Community Center) to 149 Waubesa Street, Madison, WI 53704.

Is the book perfect? Not quite–every local history is a work in progress, because new information is always coming to light. Sita Murt Womens Chaqueta Maternity Jacket Looking For Sale Online Marketable For Sale 100% Original Cheap Price Best Buy CRabr46
–you can download a copy or ask that it be included in your purchase of

Posted by eastsidehistorymadison on December 10, 2017

After we published the first edition of in 2007, we heard many compliments and a few corrections and omissions, too. In fact, we learned we’d overlooked a whole neighborhood that felt part of the old East Side–Eken Park, which has its own rich architectural and social history. A new chapter fills that gap in the revised , now available at the Goodman Community Center, Olbrich Gardens gift shop, and Stone Fence shop on Atwood Avenue.

And of course, after publication of the second edition, we’ve heard about a few corrections. When you purchase a copy at one of the outlets mentioned, it should include a half-sheet like this one.

If you already have your copy of the book, feel free to print this out and tuck it inside! And if you notice any additional corrections, please call Ann Waidelich at 249-7920 or email annwaid@ .

We’re all grateful to the Goodman Community Center for publishing our “community family album”!

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Michael Hunger
A passionate aspiring software craftsman with too many ideas and projects in different fields.

Going Social with the GRANDstack starter

The GraphQL Community Graph

As you might have New Look Maternity Blue Stripe Button Front Boxy Shirt Shop For Cheap Online Discount Inexpensive Buy Cheap Finishline Outlet Cheap Prices Clearance Excellent RN7Pm5Eqqp
, we’re gathering the public activity of the graphql community in a Neo4j graph database. I also showed how that data can be used to find Coast Serena Sequin Top Sale Real Real Largest Supplier Sale Online K1Cb6M7

GRANDstack Starter

The GRAND stack combines .

With the GRANDstack starter project you get up and running with an API back-end and a React UI front-end in minutes.

Using the starter, our . All the steps that Activewear Joggers Women Free Shipping Many Kinds Of FJbUtnE
outlined in the video stay the same

The things that change are:

I tried to keep the changes minimal so that you can just use the existing starter project and change the three files.

I quickly go over the example for StackOverflow , here are the files for Twitter , Meetup , and GitHub .

StackOverflow — GraphQLSchema

The GraphQL schema uses currently , , and with the data that is currently collected. I had to add the label to he data as doesn’t allow tagging secondary labels on types which would be a nice feature.

If you ever used StackOverflow you should be able to work with this schema immediately.

Neo4j ServerSettings

This uses the publicly available community graph Neo4j server (currently running Neo4j 3.3.5) with a read-only user.

Update your file to this:

Please adapt the when you deploy as described in the Readme of the module.

With that in place, our API backend can restart and we can check out the data in the playground at .

GraphQL Query ReactCode

I wanted to keep the changes of the starter really minimal, but I’m also , so please bear with me.

I changed the query to also include a few questions and their and nested names. That GraphQL query then runs as a single 3-hop-graph query in Neo4j.

The pretty boring UI looks like this. But fortunately in our Hackathon you can do much better:)

With these 3 minimal changes you can now run your GRANDstack starter against our “social graph” data.

So please participate in the GRANDstack Hackathon that still runs until June 30th and let your submission win a Buy Cheap Manchester Great Sale PRETTYLITTLETHING Slinky Bardot Crop Top Outlet View Get Online Free Shipping Brand New Unisex zVCjzEQE0Y
in many different sizes. Even with bricks for your favorite logos.

Good Luck! We’re looking forward to your submissions.

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    Helping you build memories and experiences that last a lifetime. Check out our career opportunities at

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    Conversation between Sashko Stubailo and Joshua Kelly .
    Sashko Stubailo
    Check this out, you can get the information for GraphQL Summit since it’s hosted on Universe! There seem to be some small improvements to make — for example, the cityName field returns null instead of "San Francisco", but I’m excited…