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November 27th, 2017

International Migratory Bird Day


America’s national wildlife refuges represent the enduring conservation values of all Americans. When Teddy Roosevelt set aside tiny Pelican Island in Florida as the nation’s first national wildlife refuge, he recognized that our wildlife heritage represented something far more valuable than simply sourcing bird feathers for the latest fashion trends.

Today, there are many federal policy and budget proposals under consideration in Congress that could severely harm our nation’s National Wildlife Refuge System.

In late July, the House passed legislation to build a road through congressionally designated wilderness in Izembek NWR in Alaska. If enacted into law, this would set a dangerous precedent for all national wildlife refuges and wilderness areas throughout the country. The House released its FY18 budget, which included instructions for the Natural Resources Committee to produce an additional $5 billion to offset budget cuts. We expect lawmakers to use this opportunity to try and open the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling, citing the potential to generate an additional $1.8 billion within the next 10 years. Santa Ana NWR, located in South Texas, may become ground zero for the construction of President Trump’s new border wall as the Department of Homeland Security seeks additional funding from Congress. We at the Refuge Association are monitoring these actions and are working closely with congressional leaders and partners to stop these proposals.

Clearly we need to support our refuges because of their incredible natural resource values, and it is imperative that our nation protects its investment in our national wildlife refuges. The impressive economic value of refuges is undeniable. Forty-eight million people visit national wildlife refuges every year generating $2.4 billion to local economies. More than 35,000 people are employed as a direct result of having a refuge nearby, resulting in almost $800 million in employment income.

Refuge Friends Groups provide a 20 percent boost to the National Wildlife Refuge System workforce – the equivalent of 600+ full time employees and valued at $32 million per year.

Many refuge Friends call the experience the most meaningful in their lives. Their volunteer experience has not only deepened a commitment to the natural world, but also strengthened ties to their community. They will tell you that refuges are indispensible to wildlife and to our citizens.

Refuges always need new friends and supporters, now perhaps more than ever. We’re thankful for your continued support, and encourage you to get outside and experience your National Wildlife Refuge System.


Geoffrey Haskett


As the summer comes to a close at the end of this month, many of our summer volunteer interns are finishing up their internships on national wildlife refuges across the country. They’ve participated in a wide variety of activities on national wildlife refuges, from hosting education programs to working with endangered species. Our volunteer internship program, in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has proven to be an incredible experience for emerging wildlife and conservation professionals.

To learn more about our unique summer internship program in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, click here .

The Refuge Association also welcomed a summer Conservation Policy intern in the Association’s Washington, D.C. office. Through a program at Duke University funded by the generosity of Fred and Alice Stanback, Elliott Davis attended hearings, met with members of Congress and assisted our work on critical refuge policy issues. To learn more about Elliott’s experience, click here.

Summer Volunteer Internships are Wrapping Up!

There is basically nothing to the song, really, but this was one of my favorites to play guitar to back in the early 80’s. It f*cking rocks, but a songster analysis would probably say it sucks in structure. Oh well. I like it. : beerbang :

Def Leppard - Another Hit And Run
Chordwainer Regular
Feb '17

Hey Patrick, I was just thinking about you this weekend, noticing you hadn’t been around for a while. Welcome back! And thanks for the comments.

Chordwainer Regular
Feb '17

Thanks everyone for all the pointers. Lately I’ve been trying to take a more deliberate, and deliberative, approach to songwriting and have been reading up on structures and so forth. Plus there is lots of commentary out there for the mixing process that uses this kind of terminology too (reading Mike Senior’s book at the moment, which has been the spark for this and many other ideas). Realized I didn’t know a lot of stuff that I thought I did… pretty common experience for me!!

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Hey Patrick, I was just thinking about you this weekend, noticing you hadn’t been around for a while. Welcome back! And thanks for the comments

Yeah, I’m sorry if I hadn’t been around lately. Although I like the place (and people!), I’m trying to stay off the internet ATM and use the little time I have to do some music… You can hear one of my last attempts here: Please Bash: It’s a Hurt

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Feb '17

Think I remember this from an interview with Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn… But a middle 8 is usually based upon the chords of the verse or a simplified version thereof. And a bridge is usually built from differing but complimentary chords. So a middle 8 would be a place for solos and ad libs but no verse vocals and a bridge is meant to take you temporarily away from the original flow of the tune. I have no help from Steve and Duck on prechorus… But I think that anything that sets up the chorus can be considered a prechorus. Even if it’s just a build or shift in the verse leading into it… Have fun rich

Paul999 Admin
Feb '17

This is a GREAT topic. Here is how I usually explain it. The pre chorus is a part that takes you from the verse into the chorus and happens more than once in the song. The lyrics may or may not repeat every time its played. A bridge typically only happens once in a song and if it has lyrics they are usually from a different perspective then the other lyrics in the song or lyrics support the story line from a different angle.

The “Middle 8”. I don’t like this term because it generally, as I understand it, means you have 8 bars or 8 chords (Which of course not all bridges have 8 bars or chords). It is a slang term for bridge that I hear mostly country and folk musicians use. Usually song writers.

Chordwainer Regular
Feb '17

It is a slang term for bridge that I hear mostly country and folk musicians use. Usually song writers.

Brad Adkins has written , a web site generation and deployment tool that allows you write your web site content in AsciiDoc. The is managed using .

Filippo Negroni has developed a set of tools to facilitate using AsciiDoc. The set of tools is called .

describes a filter for AsciiDoc which converts into graphics.

is a git-powered wiki, it supports various formats, including AsciiDoc.

Gregory Romé has written an for the project management application.

Paul Hsu has started a .

Dag Wieers has written . can export AsciiDoc outputs to OpenOffice export formats.

Ed Keith has written , it extracts code snippets from source code files and inserts them into AsciiDoc documents.

The hosts a number of extras for AsciiDoc and Slidy written by Jean-Michel Inglebert.

Ryan Tomayko has written an number of along with a into single CSS theme files for AsciiDoc embedded CSS documents.

Ilya Portnov has written a , here is describing it.

Lex Trotman has written , a program that converts DocBook to AsciiDoc.

Qingping Hou has written . is a JavaScript library for building modern HTML presentations (slideshows).

The guys from O’Reilly Media have posted an that converts DocBook to AsciiDoc.

Lex Trotman has written , an index generator tool that be used with AsciiDoc.

Michael Haberler has created a which embeds images in AsciiDoc documents.

Dan Allen has written a for AsciiDoc.

Steven Boscarine has written .

Christian Goltz has written , an Ascii art to image converter for AsciiDoc.

Eduardo Santana has written an .

1.23 adds document structure support for AsciiDoc.

Please let me know if any of these links need updating.

Here are some documents I know of, if you know of more drop me a line and I’ll add them to the list.

The book Practical Unit Testing by Tomek Kaczanowski was Tom Tailor Womens Casual Shirt Blouse Discount Order All Seasons Available Comfortable Cheap Price bgrA4Cuh6

The book Buy Cheap Store PRETTYLITTLETHING Rainbow Stripe Knitted Frill Bardot Top Outlet Big Discount 2018 Discount Cool Huge Surprise yFB2dcDAv
by Matt Neuburg was written using AsciiDoc. Matt has written an article describing how he used AsciiDoc and other tools to write the book.

The book Programming Scala by Dean Wampler and Alex Payne (O’Reilly) was written using Asciidoc .

The fishR website has a number of book examples written using AsciiDoc.

The Neo4j graph database project uses Asciidoc, and the output is published here: . The build process includes live tested source code snippets and is described .

Frugalware Linux uses AsciiDoc for documentation .

Cherokee documentation .

Henrik Maier produced this professional User manual using AsciiDoc:

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